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Update Billing & Account Info
Learn how to update your account, billing info, invoices and more.
General Usage Tips
Want to get the best out of Speakflow? Check out this guide
Creating & Editing Scripts
Learn how to write scripts using Speakflow and start Presenting.
Teleprompter Writing Assistant
Use Speakflow's Writing Assistant feature to help you improve scripts.
The Presentation Screen
Once you have a script, you're ready to begin presenting your script.
Teleprompter Scroll Modes (Auto, Manual & Flow)
Choose how to scroll your text: set pace (Auto), voice (Flow), or manually.
Teleprompter Mirroring
Flip the text for use with physical teleprompters
Syncing Devices (with Remote Mode)
Remotely control/sync other devices.
Recording Video In-Browser
Need to record a quick video? You can use Speakflow to record videos using your webcam.
Overlay (Virtual Teleprompter for Zoom, Google Meet, etc)
See video conferencing apps underneath your script.
Collaborate with your team – share scripts and access to all Pro features.
Organizing your Team with Groups
Segment your team members into groups.
Voice Commands
Restart, jump to the next paragraph, and more with voice commands.
Version History
Keep track of changes and revert to older versions
Changing Script Language
We support multiple languages.
Changing your microphone
Set your permissions and choose different mics.
Configuring Device & System Permissions for the Teleprompter
Check your system permissions and ensure that your recording devices are powered on.
"Will Speakflow work on my device?"
Learn about what devices can run Speakflow.
Having issues? Try these things out.
Learn about security at Speakflow
Use labels to organize your scripts
Teleprompter Shortcuts
Learn how to use our keyboard shortcuts
Bookmark sections of your scripts for easier navigation
Ignoring Device Input
Learn how toggle microphone input.
Refund Policy
We aim to deliver a great experience, but understand things may not always go as planned.
Browser extensions and Speakflow
Browser extensions may affect or limit some features.
Mobile Video Downloads
You can download your video recording from Speakflow and find it in your phone's file management app.
Enabling Screen Recording on Mac
If you are using a Mac computer, in order to use certain Speakflow features such as Video Recording or Overlay, you must enable 'Screen Recording' in your System Settings.
Video Downloads
Download your Speakflow recordings from your videos page in a format that works for you.