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The Presentation Screen

TLDR: Once you have a script, you're ready to begin presenting your script.

Once your script is ready to go, enter the Presentation screen to use the teleprompter. 
You have the option to change the text alignment, text size, and Flow mode. You'll also see the other available features such as Mirroring, Remote mode, Overlay and Restart. 

Starting the teleprompter

There are a couple of ways to start the teleprompter. The most obvious is clicking the "Start" button in the bottom right-hand corner. Or simply press the Spacebar key on your keyboard as a shortcut, if you're using one. 
You can also click on a word to set that word as the starting point. A green line shows the selected starting point word..

Stopping the teleprompter
Press the "Stop" button in the bottom left corner (the same button used to start it), or press the "Spacebar" key.