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TLDR: Use labels to organize your scripts


Labels are a way to sort and filter your scripts so you can easily find and organize your scripts. They are also useful for setting the status of a script "Draft", "In Progress", "Ready to Shoot", etc.

Labels are shared with your Team, and each Team has their own set of labels.

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Creating and adding labels

To add a label to a script, go to your Scripts page. Then click the dropdown menu to reveal options for the script. Select "Assign Labels"
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After clicking "Assign Labels", a new window will appear. Within this window, you'll see an option to add a new label:

Type the name of the label, hit the "plus +" button. Labels are not automatically assigned. Click on any label you'd like to assign to the script. Labels with a solid background are applied to a script. Outlined labels are not applied to the script.

Filtering with labels

Now that you have applied a label, you can use the label to filter your scripts.
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Use the dropdown (set by default to "All scripts") to select the label you'd like to filter.
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Removing labels

To remove a label, navigate to the "New Label" or the "Assign Label" window.
When the modal is open, you'll see all the available labels. To remove a label from a script, click on the label so that it appears as outlined instead of solid.

Note: Removing a label from a script does not delete the label itself.

Deleting Labels

Delete a label by navigating to the "Manage Labels" page—found in the upper right hand corner of the "New Label" or "Assign Labels" window.
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The "Manage Labels" page will show a list view of all your created labels, with an indicator for how many scripts are currently assigned those labels.
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Note: Labels that are currently attached to a script cannot be deleted. To delete, first remove them from the script.