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Teleprompter Scroll Modes (Auto, Manual & Flow)

TLDR: Choose how to scroll your text: set pace (Auto), voice (Flow), or manually.


With Speakflow, you can scroll at a set pace, with your voice, or with your fingers. Our customers use teleprompters for different purposes so the mode that works best for you may vary. 


Auto mode automatically scrolls the text at a constant pace. As the presenter reads from the script, you may find it necessary to adjust the speed on the fly — you can change the speed by tapping the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons, pressing numbers on your keyboard, or manually typing in a number 1-10.

Auto mode is suitable for most situations and is most reliable in situations such as live talks, public speaking or recording videos.

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Flow mode enables you to scroll the text as you speak. Speakflow uses your device's microphone to detect your words as you talk, then scroll the word into view as you read your script. If you are silent for 30 seconds, the mode will automatically stop listening.


Manual mode will scroll the text as you physically use a mouse to scroll on a laptop, or your finger to scroll on a phone or tablet. This method is most useful when combined with our Remote device syncing feature. You can manually scroll multiple devices at once.

The method is useful in situations where you want full control over the scrolling, without it scrolling at a constant pace. 

Note: Free users are limited to 2 minutes per take. Plus and Pro users do not have this limitation.