Scroll Modes (Flow & Auto)

TLDR: Go with the Flow or follow the lead with Auto.

There are two ways to scroll the text in Presentation mode – Flow and Auto.


Flow mode enables you to scroll the text as you speak. Speakflow uses your web browser's microphone to detect your words as you talk, then scroll the word into view as you read your script.

Note: If you are silent for 30 seconds, the mode will automatically stop listening.


Auto mode automatically scrolls the text at a set rate. Use the slider to change the speed, slide left for slower and right for faster. You can set the speed by pressing numbers on your keyboard.  

image.png 435.6 KB

Free users are limited to 2 minutes of Flow mode per "take". This means that after pressing "Start", the teleprompter will scroll for 2 minutes and then pause. From that point, you can press Start again. When using "Auto" mode, the take limit is 10 minutes. 

Plus and Pro users do not have this limitation.