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Update Billing & Account Info

TLDR: Learn how to update your account, billing info, invoices and more.

Updating Your Billing

To update your account and billing info, click "Manage Account", then "Billing" from within the dropdown menu.

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Note: We partner with Stripe for a simplified billing experience.

Updating Your Billing Info (Address, Access Invoices, Card Info, etc)

You can update your billing information, like your address and card information, and even access your invoices in your Billing Portal (powered by Stripe). You'll also be able to see what features are included with your current subscription.

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Account Info

Click "Manage Account" in the top menu and then click "Account Info".

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From the "Account Info" page you'll be able to edit your profile information.

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Deleting Your Account

You may permanently delete your account from the "Account Info" page.

Note: If you have a paid account, you must cancel your subscription before you can delete your account.

Once on this page, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a link to permanently delete your account. When you delete your account, all content associated with your account is also permanently deleted.