General Usage Tips

TLDR: Want to get the best out of Speakflow? Check out this guide


If you're using Flow mode, it's important to speak clearly and at a volume loud enough for your microphone to hear you. Ideally, be within 5 feet of your microphone.

Minimizing eye movement

As you read, your eyes move left and right. When presenting on camera, you'll want to minimize this by setting the width of your script to be relatively narrow.
Width sliders

Drag either of the pink buttons along the slider, to change the width of your script. Also, make sure that you aren't too close to the camera. 

Avoid looking stiff

Most people use their hands, move their heads, use vocal inflections, etc when speaking. But when using a teleprompter, people often stiffen up – they don't move their heads, and use their "reading" voice. 

When you're using Speakflow, avoid looking stiff by trying to remain natural looking – move your head, don't use your "reading voice", and don't be afraid to adlib here and there. 


Overall, looking natural while using a teleprompter takes practice. Be sure to rehearse your script to become familiar with it. 


Learn our shortcuts: https://www.speakflow.com/docs/teleprompter-shortcuts

In Auto mode, you can change the speed by pressing the numeric keys on your keyboard. Press any key between 1 - 9, will set that number as the speed. 0 effectively pauses the script. You can also increase or decrease the speeding using the - and +/= keys at the top of the keyboard. 

Supported Devices

Speakflow will run on any device with a web browser, microphone input, and wifi connection. This includes iPhones phones, Android phones, Windows, Mac, laptops, desktops, iPad, tablets, etc.