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TLDR: Bookmark sections of your scripts for easier navigation


Bookmarks enable Pro users to add "bookmarks" within their script. This makes it easier to navigate within the script, especially when doing takes. Users can quickly navigate throughout the script, without having to spend time manually scrolling and searching in a script.

When used in tandem with Remote, it's even more useful — sync your place in the script on several devices at once.

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Adding Bookmarks

To add a bookmark, hover over a paragraph, then click the "Bookmark" icon. Once you've added the bookmark, a circle will appear on the left side of the screen. When you click the circle, the script will automatically scroll to this section for you.

You can also add bookmarks from the Editor screen. To do so, add "[Bookmark]" within a paragraph that you'd like to be able to quickly navigate to.

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Removing Bookmarks

You can remove Bookmarks by clicking the "Bookmark" icon again. Or by removing the "[Bookmark]" text in the Editor.