Scroll Modes (Flow & Auto)

Go with the Flow or follow the lead with Auto.

Recording Video

Need to record a quick video? You can use Speakflow to record videos using your webcam.

Overlay (Virtual Teleprompter for Zoom, Google Meet, etc)

Use Speakflow in your virtual video conferences

Syncing Devices (with Remote Mode)

Remotely control/sync other devices.


Collaborate with your team – share scripts and access to all Pro features.

Voice Commands

Restart, jump to the next paragraph, and more with voice commands.

Version History

Keep track of changes and revert to older versions

Teleprompter Mirroring

Flip the text for use with physical teleprompters


Use labels to organize your scripts


Bookmark sections of your scripts for easier navigation

Ignoring Device Input

Learn how toggle microphone input.