TLDR: Collaborate with your team – share scripts and access to all Pro features.

The Speakflow Team feature allows you to add up to 10 members to your account. You can create and write scripts together, sync multiple devices, and keep track of revision history. When a member is part of your team, they will have access to all Pro features for Scripts that are shared with the team. 

Getting Started
To create a team, go to Manage Account, then select the Your Teams tab.
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If haven't already entered a Company name, you'll have to Create a Team

Once you have created a team, you can invite members by entering their email.
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There are two roles – Admin and Editor. All team members can view and edit scripts, sync devices by opening the script and have access to Pro features.

Only admins can edit the team, delete the team, invite other members, and share scripts with the team.
Editors can only read/edit scripts on the team.

View Team Scripts
To view scripts that have been shared with your team, navigate to the Scripts page.

Then, click a team name in the sidebar to view scripts that have been shared with the team:
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Sharing Scripts With Your Team

To share a script with your team, navigate to your Scripts. Then on the script you want to share, open the drop menu and select "Share"
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If you are an Admin on a team, you'll see the Team listed and you'll have the to share your script.

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