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Speakflow is a online teleprompter. With our Free teleprompter, you can write & save scripts, and read them to record takes or present to your audience.

Using a teleprompter to record your videos or give presentations allows you to speak more confidently and save time because you don't have to memorize your script. A benefit of online teleprompters such as Speakflow, is that it works on most devices – including your phone, tablet, and laptop
Speakflow has two ways to scroll – automatic or Flow mode. Automatic scrolls at a constant rate and Flow listens as you speak and scrolls as you read your script. Both modes are useful for recording videos, and giving virtual and physical presentations.

No additional software needed

Use Speakflow's free online teleprompter to create videos for Youtube, marketing content, or for virtual meetings.

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I absolutely love Speakflow. Every time I use it I think I want to build an entire recording studio just so I can use it more. It honestly turned my 5-hour video sessions into 20 minute ones.
Keith Perhac
Founder, Segmetrics
"It is really great! I've been testing lots of teleprompter apps to find a solution that works well for me as a Youtube creator and so far Speakflow is the best."
"Speakflow has been the best AutoCue / Teleprompter that I've found. Grab yourself a Glidegear Teleprompter and a Liliput A11 Monitor, and this is magic! "
"I've tried a bunch of teleprompters, and I like Speakflow the best."
Carolyn Van Slyck
"Speakflow is amazing. Such a brilliantly simple implementation of the traditional teleprompter. Highly recommended to anyone who records video content."
Andrew Culver
Partner, Click Funnels
"Hands down, the best teleprompting tool out there. I'm so happy to have found this and the work you keep doing to make it better and better."
Michael James Reed


Sync multiple devices

Control multiple devices at once – your script and settings will sync and scroll on all devices in real time.

Virtual Teleprompter

See your audience

Video meetings? Virtual conference? Set other app windows as the background so you can always see your audience with Overlay


Your rhythm, our fluidity

Speakflow can follow along as you read so you can breeze through video takes.

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