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Voice Commands

TLDR: Restart, jump to the next paragraph, and more with voice commands.

Note: To use voice commands, you must be using Flow mode and be a Pro, or Studio user.
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In addition to Flow, Voice Commands allow users to navigate the script without having to interact with your device. For example, you can say "Go – Restart", and the script will scroll to the top of the page, and you can continue using Flow mode to scroll the page as you speak.

To use Commands, enable them for your script on the Edit screen (it's off by default)

First, navigate to the script edit screen by selecting Edit from the script dropdown menu:
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Then, activate Voice Command by enabling it at the bottom of the script editing page.

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With "Voice Command" activated, you'll be able to control your script using your voice in "Flow" mode by saying the keyword "Go".

"Go – Next", will jump to the next line break.

For example, if you are reading a paragraph and mid-way through you decide to jump to the next paragraph, you can say "Go – Next" and the script will jump to the next paragraph, and you can continue reading from that point.

As expected, "Go – Previous" does the opposite.

"Go – Current", will go the beginning of the current paragraph so that you can easily redo takes without having to take it from the top.

Command Overview

will trigger the voice command

"GO - Restart" or "GO - Top" -> Scroll to the top (restart the script)
"GO - Next" -> Hop to the next line break
"Go - Previous" -> Hop to the previous line break
"Go - Current" -> Restart the CURRENT paragraph or line