Syncing Devices (with Remote Mode)

TLDR: Remotely control/sync other devices.


You can use Remote Mode to control your script on multiple devices. For example, you can control your laptop or tablet, from your Phone – allowing you to start/stop the teleprompter, change the font size, mirror the text, etc.

Example Use Cases

1. Control phone or tablet from your laptop:
Open the script on your laptop, click "Remote" then scan the QR code from your phone/tablet. If you're using Flow, your phone and tablet can be far away because Speakflow will use your mic from the laptop.

2. Read from a TV:
Connect your laptop to a TV and use your phone to control the laptop: Open the script on your phone and enter the remote URL into the laptop. You'll be able to control the laptop with your phone. It will use your phone's microphone in flow mode.  

To get started: 

Click Remote:
image.png 57.33 KB

You'll be presented with the following 2 options.

1) Control this device

Scan the QR code or otherwise enter the URL on another device. This will take you to a Sign In form, once you're signed in, the script will automatically load in Present Mode.
Once the script is open on 2 devices, they'll sync — changes in one will affect the other. For example, if you change the font size or text alignment on screen A, these changes will also occur on Screen B and vice versa. 

2) Control other devices 

Scan the QR code or otherwise enter the URL on a Secondary device.  This will open the script in a publicly available URL, you do not need to be signed in to access the Remote link so share carefully.

With this option, the Primary device controls the Secondary device. Changes to the Primary screen affect the Secondary screen, but you are not able to make changes to the Primary from the Secondary.