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Syncing Devices (with Remote Mode)

TLDR: Remotely control/sync other devices.


Use Remote Mode to control your script on multiple devices. For example, you can control your laptop or tablet from your phone – allowing you to start and stop scrolling, in addition to changing settings like the font size, text alignment and more.

Get Started

  • Sign into Speakflow.com on a device such as a phone or tablet.
  • After signing in, select a script that you want to present. 
  • Next, sign in on another device. Then, repeat the same steps — sign in and open the script.

Now that the script is open on both devices, you'll get a message:
image.png 31.41 KB

Syncing Devices 

When syncing, one device is the "Primary" and the others are secondary. The Primary device controls the others. To identify the Primary device, look for a blue dot in the upper right corner.

By clicking or touching anywhere on the screen of a device, you can set it as the Primary device. When you do this, the blue indicator will appear.

image.png 13.83 KB
Now, you can control the other devices from the Primary. For example, you can horizontally flip the script, adjust the alignment, change the font size, etc. 

You'll have full control over the devices.

Set Device Width

When using multiple devices, it can be helpful to sync the script's width so that the words are spaced and aligned the same on all devices. 

You can do this by clicking the Settings icon in the bottom right hand corner, then clicking "Sync Device Width" in the modal. After a few seconds, the scripts will adjust to match each other.

We recommend using both devices in the same orientation for the best results (i.e. landscape monitor with a landscape mobile device).

"Which mode should I use?"

Flow mode is best for situations in which you can shoot multiple takes in a non-live setting.

When speaking in front of a live audience, we recommend Manual mode, which allows you or someone else to manually scroll the teleprompter from the Primary device, while you read from a secondary. Or use Auto which scrolls at a set pace (that can slowed or sped up in real time).

Overall, with Speakflow, you have the power to control how you scroll! Hopefully, you found this guide useful, and if you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

Note: If you're using multiple devices, it may be useful to ignore a device's microphone — click here to learn more.