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TLDR: Having issues? Try these things out.

Mic won't pick me up? No sound sound detected?

Be sure to check your permission settings and browser extensions. Also, try using your microphone with other applications to ensure that it's working properly.

Ignoring words with brackets

Wrap words in [square brackets] to have them be ignored by the browser. This can be useful to mitigate "jumping" issues (described below) or write notes to the presenter.

Teleprompter is jumping 

Sometimes, when you use the "Flow" mode, the teleprompter might skip ahead while you're still reading aloud. This can happen if you have the same word many times, close together.

If this happens, you can put the word inside these square brackets — [like this]. This tells the system to not move ahead when it hears these words.

Speakflow can help you find these words when you're writing your script. It will show you which words you might want to put inside the [ ]. Listed in the right sidebar on the Edit page for a script.

Using remote mode to use Speakflow on unsupported devices

You can use Remote mode to enable the use of Speakflow on devices that don't have a webcam or mic. If a device has a screen, web browser, and internet you can use Speakflow on it by controlling it from other devices. This may be useful if you want to use the built-in web browser on a device such as a TV. 

Restart your browser

Sometimes a good ol' browser restart will resolve issues with the mic and camera, especially after making changes to your system permissions