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For starters.

  • Create and save a script
  • Flow mode
    Use speech recognition to scroll the page
  • Auto mode
    Scrolls at a set rate
  • Multi-language support
    Supports English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and Italian
  • Email support
$19/ month

For content creators.

All Starter features +
  • Unlimited scripts
    Create multiple scripts
  • Mirror text horizontally
    For use with physical teleprompter
  • Record videos
    Use your webcam to record content*
  • Overlay
    View other apps (such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc) behind your script*
  • Remote mode
    Sync up to 3 devices
  • Import files
  • * Desktop/laptop browsers only
Business (Coming soon)
$249/ month

For professional content teams.

All Pro features +
  • Add up to 10 team members
  • Share scripts with teams
  • Sync unlimited devices (Remote mode)
  • SSO
  • Free trial
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Your rhythm, our fluidity

Speakflow can follow along as you read. There's nothing to download or install, so you can get started quickly.


Never lose sight of your audience

Video meetings? Virtual conference? Set other app windows as the background so you can always see your audience.


Sync multiple devices

Remote allows you to control your scripts and settings between your devices. As you read, each device scrolls in sync.

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Present like a Pro

Free Pro
Flow mode Your script will automatically follow along as you speak
Auto mode Scroll at a set interval rate
Multiple languages We currently support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian – included for free
Flip text Mirror the text to work with physical teleprompter hardware
Overlay Include other windows such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Webex as the background of the teleprompter so that you can see your audience without switching windows
Record video Record and download a video using your webcam on a desktop or laptop computer

Sync & control multiple devices

Free Pro
Works on multiple devices Speakflow works in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and devices such as Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, etc.
Sync devices Use Remote mode to sync devices as you read and sync settings between multiple devices

Your Scripts, Your Way

Free Pro
Easily edit scripts Access and edit your scripts on any internet-connected device
Format text Use different colors and text styles to emphasize words or phrases
Create & save multiple scripts Free users can create a script for free. Pro users can create an unlimited amount, any length.
Import files Import .docx and .pdf files into our text editor

Other Features

Free Pro
Simple pricing Use our Free features or one monthly price to unlock ALL features on all devices
Privacy-focused We don't share your scripts with app stores, data collectors, or 3rd parties
Customer support
"Speakflow is amazing. Such a brilliantly simple implementation of the traditional teleprompter. Highly recommended to anyone who records video content."
Andrew Culver
Founder, Bullet Train
"I really enjoy using Speakflow. It makes it super easy for me to deliver speeches at all my virtual speaking events!"
Olamide Olowe
"It is really great! I've been testing lots of teleprompter apps to find a solution that works well for me as a Youtube creator and so far yours is the best. "

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