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Creating & Editing Scripts

TLDR: Learn how to write scripts using Speakflow and start Presenting.

To create a new script, sign into your account and you'll be taken to the user home screen which features scripts you have written so far. On this page, you'll find a button to Create a New Script

The "New script" button
Click "+ New script" and you'll be taken to the page to create your script.

The Writing Experience

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Enter your Title in the top space and your script in the area below. As you make changes, changes to your script are automatically saved – so you don't ever have to worry about losing data. You'll find formatting along the left-hand side of the writing area. You also have the option to click "Save Changes".

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Formatting and Editing Text

You can format text by highlighting the text and using the modal that appears to select from typical formatting options like bold, italic, underline, and color. (The "default" color option will always appear as white text on the presentation screen.)

Additional Tips

  • Combining Formats: Press the corresponding format options one after another to combine formats.
  • Toggle Formatting: These buttons act as toggles; press once to apply and again to remove.

Formatted text will appear in the selected format on the presentation screen.(See below for "Presenting your Script".)
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Brackets (Skip Voice Recognition)
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Brackets are a special type of Speakflow formatting. Words in [brackets] will be skipped during a presentation using Flow mode (voice recognition) 

Skipping words can be useful for uncommon words or proper nouns that might not be picked up by voice recognition.

Assistant (Beta)

In addition, you’ll see the option to use the writing assistant (beta) to help you edit your text.
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The writing assistant can help in a few different ways:

Rephrase - The rephrase option changes your text so that you can test different ways of saying the same thing.

Simplify - The simplify option removes unnecessary complexity from your script.

Grammar - The grammar option will fix grammatical errors in your script.

After selecting an option, you can decide whether you’d like to replace your existing text (the text you have highlighted) or insert the generated text after the highlighted text.
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Presenting Your Script

When you're done writing your script, press the "Present in teleprompter" button and you'll enter the Presentation mode – that you use to read your script and present with Flow, Auto, or Manual mode.

Please note that an active and reliable internet connection is needed to present scripts.

Deleting a Script

You can delete a script by clicking on the script down down menu and selecting delete:

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Your browser will prompt you to confirm. Click OK to permanently delete your script.