Creating & Editing Scripts

TLDR: Learn how to write scripts using Speakflow and start Presenting.

To create a new script, sign into your account and you'll be taken to the user home screen which features scripts you have written so far. On this page, you'll find a button to create a new script.
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The "new script" button
Click "+ New script" and you'll be taken to the page to create your script.

The Writing Experience
Writing experience

Enter your Title in the top space and your script in the area below. As you make changes, changes to your script are automatically saved – so you don't ever have to worry about losing data. You'll find formatting along the left hand side of the writing area.

Presenting Your Script
When you're done writing your script, press the "Present in teleprompter" button and you'll enter  the Presentation mode – that you use to read your script and present with Flow or Auto mode.