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How to Deliver a Live Presentation with Speakflow

A step-by-step guide for using Speakflow in a live presentation setting.
Teleprompter Tips Feature
4.1 min read

How to Write a Training Video Script (Template Included)

Let’s get into the nuanced craft of creating a training video script.
Feature Tips Writing
3.6 min read

How to Write a 60-Second Video

A concise guide on crafting 60-second video scripts.
Writing Tips
1.9 min read

How to Loop a Youtube Video

How to loop a YouTube video on any mobile device or desktop computer.
1 min read

Easy Informative Script Template

This template will help you write informative scripts.
Feature Tips Writing
1.5 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Video Scripts

This guide will take you through the essentials of writing effective video scripts.
Feature Writing Tips
3.1 min read

Expert Insights and Practical Tips for Recording Video with a Script

Elevate your videos with balanced, practiced scripts, teleprompter use, and effective editing.
Feature Tips Teleprompters
2.3 min read

The Ultimate Web App Teleprompter for Your iPhone

Why Speakflow is the Go-To Web App for iPhone Teleprompting in 2024.
Feature Teleprompters Tips
3.7 min read

Transform Your Laptop into a Teleprompter

How to transform your laptop into a teleprompter using Speakflow.
Feature Teleprompters Tips
2.6 min read

Teleprompter for Your Next Zoom Webinar

Speakflow's Overlay and Bookmarks features enhance Zoom webinars by seamlessly integrating scripts with live audience interaction
Feature Teleprompters Tips
2.2 min read

How to Read a Script While Looking into the Camera

Techniques and tips for using teleprompters effectively to maintain eye contact with the camera during presentations.
Feature Tips Gear
4.3 min read

Using a Teleprompter for Effective Virtual Presentations on Windows

Speakflow provides a free browser-based teleprompter with premium features that works in any browser on your PC.
Product Tips Guide
5.7 min read

Speakflow: The Top Browser-Based Teleprompter for Android Users

Speakflow provides a free browser-based teleprompter with premium features that works on any Android device.
Product Tips Guide
1.7 min read

Mastering Teleprompter Practice with Speakflow: A 2024 Comprehensive Guide

How to practice your speaking using a browser based teleprompter.
Guide Tips Speaking Delivery Practice
2.1 min read

Transform Your iPad into a Professional Teleprompter: The 2024 Guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on using Speakflow to turn an iPad into a versatile fully-featured teleprompter.
Guide Tips Product
5.9 min read

How to Write a Speech Outline

Outlining will organize your writing into a logical, thoughtful, easy to follow speech.
Feature Guide Tips Writing
2.2 min read

Teleprompter for Youtube Videos

A teleprompter can greatly speed up the recording and editing process for your videos.
Tips Youtube
2.8 min read

How to Use a Teleprompter in the Classroom

How to incorporate teleprompters in the classroom to enhance interactive learning.
Tips Education
1.3 min read

Mastering TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Creator

This guide provides essential steps for aspiring TikTok creators, emphasizing niche selection, content planning, and audience engagement.
Tips Social media Guide
3.9 min read

How Can I Deliver a Better Presentation on Camera?

Here are a few useful strategies for improving your presentations when you're being recorded.
Tips Guide Speaking
1.2 min read

Getting started with a teleprompter

Watch this short video to learn how to get going with Speakflow!
Product Tips
1 min read

Teleprompter for Virtual Presentations

Learn how to set up a teleprompter for your boss or co-workers!
Tips Teleprompters Product
1.4 min read

Teleprompter for iPad

Combining the right teleprompter software with tablets such as the iPad can be a game changer.
1 min read

Recording video with an online teleprompter

Learn how to use an online teleprompter to record videos
Tips Guide Product
2.7 min read

How Teleprompters Work

Teleprompters are now used in diverse environments, from stage performances to corporate meetings and classrooms, aiding speakers in delivering more polished, error-free, and engaging presentations.
Teleprompters Tips Product
1.4 min read

Teleprompter for Webcams

If you're creating an online video, recording with a webcam may be the quickest way to record your message.
Product Tips Guide
1.7 min read

Remote teleprompter, explained

Using our Remote Mode feature to sync devices can be a game changer for your workflow
Feature Tips
1 min read

Content Creator Kit & Gift Guide

Looking to dive into content creation? Use this starter guide to hit the ground running.
Tips Gear Feature
2.4 min read

10 Ideas for your Next Youtube Video

Need ideas for your next Youtube video? Try one of these.
Feature Tips Youtube
1.8 min read

3 Tips for Creating Persuasive Content

Here are some things to consider as you try to grow your audience or sell your products.
Tips Writing Feature
2.7 min read

How to speak confidently in 2021

Whether you're speaking in-person, virtually, or giving a public talk – speaking confidently is an important part of making an impact on others.
Tips Writing
3.1 min read

Tips on writing scripts for Youtube videos

A good script hooks in a viewer, keeps them invested throughout the video, and leaves them with a takeaway. You just have to make sure it has all the necessary components well-pieced together.
Tips Writing
2.2 min read

Using Remote Mode

Control multiple devices from one!
Speakflow Tips
1 min read

Product Demo

Learn more about how to use teleprompt.me's features
Speakflow Teleprompters Tips
1 min read

Teleprompter for Mac

Using the right teleprompter can be a game changer, find out why Speakflow is a good solution for Mac users.
Teleprompters Tips
1.5 min read