Recording video with an online teleprompter

Learn how to use an online teleprompter to record videos

Teleprompter For Video

Imagine you need to introduce a customer to a new product or service that your business provides. You could try to write a blog post or even send out some emails. Maybe a social media post or two.

All of that would be fine but we recommend a video.

Video content is more engaging than written content and is more likely to hook in your customers. 

But producing video content can be daunting — writing the script, setting up cameras, and most importantly presenting the script in a clear and convincing manner. All of this takes time and knowledge.

While we don’t have time machines we can help you out on the knowledge side of things and we do have software that can save you some time! 

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

In this post, you’ll learn what you need to set up a video recording process that includes a teleprompter and how Speakflow can improve your recording process.

We’ll go over 4 steps, Research, Script Writing, Equipment, and Recording. 


Before you get started on your video, you’ll want to do some research on your topic. Brainstorm ideas for points you want to mention. 

Use books, blog posts, and videos for inspiration — without plagiarizing. An original and unique perspective is important for a good script. 

Write your script

Once you’re ready to write your script, create a Speakflow account and use the script editor to begin fleshing out your ideas.

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Choose your camera

The best camera is the one you own. You don’t need a bunch of fancy camera equipment to get going, most laptops have a webcam and even basic smartphone cameras are decent. 

However, using even an entry-level dedicated recording camera can make a pretty big difference in quality.

Using an online teleprompter

Using an online teleprompter can save you quite a bit of time because it’s readily accessible using any internet-connected device with a web browser. There’s nothing to download or install, and your scripts are available anywhere. 

You can use a teleprompter while:
  1. Recording in a professional video production environment 
  2. Participating in online meetings
  3. Giving a live talk
  4. Recording a podcast/audiobook

Professionals use teleprompters because it saves recording time and editing costs, and helps you confidently present information to your audience and customers.

You can use them while recording videos for your customers, live streams, zoom meetings, and more. 

Choose your lights

Lighting is extremely important but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest in expensive lighting equipment right away. Positioning your recording setup in front of a window, in a well-lit room will suffice. 

Choose your mic

Choose your editing software

The editing process doesn’t have to be scary. There are online tools you can use or popular apps like iMovie or Windows Video Editor. There are thousands of free tutorials on Youtube you can check out. 

Choose teleprompter hardware

Depending on what camera you’ve decided to shoot with, there’s a wide range of teleprompter hardware to choose from. There are teleprompters made specifically for phones and others that attach to camera lenses. 

Because Speakflow runs in the browser, it is compatible with any teleprompter hardware that can hold a phone or tablet. 

Start Recording

Here are the 5 steps: 

Step 1: Set up your camera

Set up your camera at a comfortable height, level with your (or your presenter’s) eyes. Also ensure that the lighting isn’t too harsh and lights the subject in a complementary way. 

Step 2: Attach your teleprompter hardware

Step 3: Set up your microphone

Ensure your microphone is within 3 feet of the presenter. You want the mic to be as close as possible without being in frame of the video (unless that is your intention!). 

Step 4: Load your script on your phone or tablet (via

Speakflow works in the browser, so it runs on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Just go to, sign in and Present the script. 

If you’re using Speakflow’s voice-activated feature, you’ll want to open Speakflow on two devices — one to use in the teleprompter hardware and one to have near the presenter. 

The one that’s near the presenter will pick up their voice and automatically scroll both devices as they speak. As the presenter speaks the device that’s in the teleprompter will scroll as they read the script. 

This all happens automatically, just open the script on 2 more devices and Speakflow will sync across all of the devices. 

Step 5: Begin recording!

Hopefully, this guide was helpful, if you have any questions just reach out and we’d be happy to help you out! 

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