Teleprompter for Virtual Presentations

Learn how to set up a teleprompter for your boss or co-workers!

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It's crucial to avoid rambling and stammering when you're giving a virtual presentation. Whether your audience consists of co-workers, customers, or investors, in order to give a compelling talk, you need to speak clearly and concisely. Speakflow's teleprompter software empowers you to do just that!

Our teleprompter includes a slew of unique features that are tailored to help you (or your presenter) look great when giving your talk.

Sync multiple devices at once

Speakflow allows you to scroll a script for the presenter, remotely. Without having to install or download any other apps or software. It all works in the browser.

Use our Remote feature to sync multiple devices at once. As you change the width, line height, etc. all screens will be affected.

Your recipient doesn't even need a Speakflow account, you can send a public remote link and they'll be able to see the script as you scroll. It couldn't be simpler to help those who are less technically inclined get started with our teleprompter.

Your recipient doesn't even need a Speakflow account.

Control how you scroll

Use a phone to scroll a tablet. Or control multiple tablets from your laptop. You're in control!

You can scroll the script using a mouse, keyboard, or the on-screen interface. It's simple: Create a script, then open the script on the devices you want to use. If you click a word, the teleprompter will navigate to that word on all devices. If you press Up or Down on your keyboard, the teleprompter will scroll up or down one line. You can also do that by pressing the on-screen Up and Down buttons on the right side of the screen. 

You can even go word-by-word by using the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard.

As the presenter speaks, scroll using any of the methods above, and all screens will scroll in sync. It's a great way to help polish up your boss or co-workers' presentation!

Bring your whole team

Speakflow is made for teamwork. Write and save scripts using our premium writing experience — format text, auto-import text from files, and keep track of changes. 


Using our Overlay feature, you can set the background of the script to be your Zoom/Webex/etc window. This way, you can see your script and your audience in the background, without having to switch between them.

Speakflow was created to help you expertly deliver virtual presentations.

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