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Tips on writing scripts for Youtube videos

A good script hooks in a user, keeps them invested throughout the video, and leaves them with a takeaway. You just have to make sure it has all the necessary components well-pieced together.

Creating a script has always been something that is perceived as difficult. Especially if the script is being made for public consumption. A lot of questions usually flow through the mind of content creators when they want to write scripts for their videos. These questions become even bulkier when these scripts are for YouTube videos.
Writing a good script for YouTube is no joke, it takes a lot of technical know-how, style, and dedication to create one that meets up the general audience standard. So without wasting any more time, let's handle some questions that may flow through your mind when you're creating scripts for your YouTube video content. 
How long they should be? Ideally, the standard YouTube video ranges anywhere between 5 minutes and 15 minutes. That is not to say that your video can't be less than 5 minutes or more than 15 minutes. Endeavor to make sure your video length matches your content, so that you won't be wasting people's time saying things they don't want to hear. 
How many words and why? In terms of how many words you need to write for your script, you have to put into consideration how many minutes your video would be. To get a good idea of how many words a script contains, see it this way, a 1,500 word script makes 10 minutes. So, If you can work out the math, then you'd understand how many words you need. Word count is quite important because it gives you a clear idea of how many minutes your YouTube video would be. 
How do you find what to write about? There's a lot of untapped content in the world. But we aren't advising you to brainstorm your mind out, just select a topic you're efficiently good at and start making content on it. It may be something on creating a great resume for LinkedIn, How to make a cultural dish, a review of a movie you recently watched, etc. The options are infinite, just pick something you're good at and start writing. 
What makes a script good? A good script hooks in a user, keeps them invested throughout the video, and leaves them with a takeaway. You just have to make sure it has all the necessary components well-pieced together. 
Hook: This is where you pique your viewer's interest, making them want to see how the video turns out. Intro: Your intro should be sweet and catchy. Always introduce the problem or pain point you wish to talk about. Body: Make sure your content is informative. Conclusion/Takeaway: Leave the audience with value, something they can apply to their endeavors or share with others. Or even just an emotion. 
Make it matter A good script is like a story from a skilled storyteller, it has to be interesting and very informative, and/or entertaining. No one likes watching a video that will bore them to death. In your free time, take a look at these great YouTubers like Peter McKinnon, Matt D’Avella, and MKHBD. You'd find that they have something in common, their scripted content is top tier. However, it’s not just the script – it’s the delivery. The way you present the script is just as important as the script itself! Speakflow helps you deliver your content more effectively, because you can read your script at a natural pace using our voice-activated teleprompter. 

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