Teleprompter for Youtube Videos

A teleprompter can greatly speed up the recording and editing process for your videos.

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Could a teleprompter help you with your YouTube videos?

Depending on the type of YouTube video you are making, a teleprompter could be an essential part of your recording process. Talking off the cuff can be helpful in making sure you are coming off as authentic and thoughtful, but more often than not, the result is that your video will have a lot of rambling and tangents that will need to be edited out.

If you're making a video in which you (or your talent) need to appear confident and knowledgeable, you'll want to use one. Although they take some getting used to (check out our tips), they can greatly speed up the recording and editing process for your videos.

Our teleprompter software has everything you need to get started. It runs in your browser, so there's nothing to install — and it's compatible with phones and tablets. Create an account, sign in on your device, and you're on you're way to to creating better content, quicker.

Your YouTube Journey

A good YouTube video is entertaining, informative, and engaging, drawing viewers in from the first moment and holding their attention until the very end. 

Although it's tempting to just press record and wing it, we highly recommend writing scripts before shooting. Writing your script beforehand let's you map out what you'll talk about, decide what information to include, and help you stay focused as you record.

Although it's tempting to just press record and wing it, we highly recommend writing scripts before shooting. 

Some may be afraid that using a teleprompter will make them come off as robotic, but as we said earlier, all it takes is a bit of practice. And with Speakflow's voice recognition, if you decide to go off script, the prompter will pause and wait for you to come back on script. So you get the best of both worlds!

Why Use a Teleprompter?

Saving time and delivering information in a more efficient manner are just some of the advantages of using a teleprompter. For YouTubers, that is important because to be successful, you'll have to record and release content consistently. 

To be successful on YouTube, you'll have to record and release content consistently. 

Some of the most popular YouTubers release 3+ videos a week (and at least one). Accomplishing this is a lot easier to do if you write out your scripts ahead of time, and then batch-shoot your videos in one day (or over a few days). Guess what makes batch shooting even faster? That's right — a teleprompter. 

Choosing a Teleprompter

Once you decide to use a teleprompter, you'll soon realize the question isn't just "to use or not to use." You'll also have to choose which hardware to use. Some physical teleprompters come with their own screen and stand, designed as a standalone unit. They have a built-in screen and usually require specific software (that is usually basic and/or outdated). 

There are also physical teleprompters that allow you to use your own screen. These are the kinds that can hold a tablet or phone and are usually cheaper than the ones with a built-in screen and are more portable. These are a good option because they allow you to pick your own software to use as your teleprompter.

You'll want to pick software that nails the basics — scrolling text (either with your voice or automatically), but also has modern, easy-to-use UI, device syncing, script management, and team functionality (if its more than a solo production). Speakflow does all of this (shameless plug <3)

Setting Up Your Teleprompter

Once you have your hardware and software figured out, it's time to set it up. We have an in-depth guide on choosing your mic, lights and cameras here.

But basically, if you're starting out, don't over-complicate it. In fact, to use Speakflow, all you need is a webcam. Speakflow runs in the browser, so when you have your script written, you can record it right here in Speakflow. And once you are ready to take the plunge into becoming a serious YouTuber, dive into our gear guide.


You want your video to feel well-paced, ensuring that the audience doesn't lose interest or feel overwhelmed with too much information. Teleprompters help you achieve this goal. Not to mention quality visuals and sound. 

Recording a YouTube video is challenging but rewarding, so good luck and have fun!


Question: What are the advantages of using teleprompter software like Speakflow?
Answer: Advanced features like voice-activated scrolling, a user-friendly UI, and team functionalities make the recording process more efficient.

Question: How do I choose the best teleprompter for YouTube?
Consider factors like budget, whether you want a standalone unit or one that uses your own device, and the features offered by the accompanying software.

Question: What is a teleprompter and why should I use one for YouTube videos?
Answer: A teleprompter helps you read a script while recording, making your videos more professional and easier to produce.

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