Teleprompter for Webcams

If you're creating an online video, recording with a webcam may be the quickest way to record your message.

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Speakflow is a teleprompter for laptops that helps you present easier.

Laptops are Powerful Tools

In this world in which we are always on the go, laptops are our lifeline to productivity and getting tasks done. Whether we're sending emails, or making presentations we rely on laptops to help us get work done.

Laptops have evolved to become more powerful than ever. They include faster processors, bigger batteries, and better webcams. We've relied on them to perform more and more tasks including video production.

If you're creating an online video, recording with a laptop may be the quickest way to record your message. And a key part of recording content is writing a script. 

A good script helps you inform your audience, increase sales, and more. But writing the script is only half the battle. The presentation of your script is crucial to helping you meet your goals. But for a lot of us, camera shyness is a serious barrier to entry.

The presentation of your script is crucial to helping you meet your goals. 

Public speaking is the number #1 fear amongst people. And despite cameras being omnipresent, camera shyness isn't far behind. Laptops have built-in webcams that we can use to take part in virtual meetings or record videos. They come with programs pre-installed that enable you to record videos.

Presentation is Crucial

So, laptops are often one of the first options when one begins exploring content creation. After creating a script, and deciding to try out recording video on a laptop, you may realize you need a teleprompter to help things move a bit more smoothly. 

With Speakflow's online teleprompter, you can enter your script and read as you present so that you don't have to struggle to memorize a script or ramble your way through a recording.

You're in total control while presenting: there are many ways to control the script. You can scroll at a set pace (Auto), scroll with your voice (Flow), or have a friend scroll for you using Remote mode to sync devices. 

Webcam Teleprompter Features

With Auto, you can dial in a speed, 1 - 10, in increments of .25 so you have granular control of the speed. And you can change the speed on the fly using the numbers on your keyboard, or skip ahead or slow down using arrow keys. Our Remote feature lets you sync devices. Someone on the call or nearby can scroll the script as you read so all you have to do is worry about presenting. It's as easy as sharing a link.

Using a teleprompter with your webcam can help you to overcome camera shyness, and be more confident while presenting. 

Speakflow is a teleprompter for your laptop. It runs in your web browsers, there's nothing to install or download and it works on any modern operating system. Try it out today!

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