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Using the right teleprompter can be a game changer, find out why Speakflow is a good solution for Mac users.

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A lot of creatives use Mac computers because the software is easy to use. It's simple and works without fuss. Speakflow is a teleprompter for Mac, and it fits that ethos. You can write and save scripts easily, read them with our voice features, and access them from any browser.

Should I use a teleprompter?

Using a teleprompter to record videos can help tremendously because it can help you stay on topic and deliver information efficiently without the need for memorization. You’ll be surprised how much time it can save on production and how naturally a presenter can use a teleprompter to deliver their lines.

What Teleprompters Work Best on Mac?

Using a teleprompter can make all the difference between sounding professional and sounding like a novice in your video content. If you're looking for an online teleprompter, you can try Speakflow for free and see for yourself - no credit card needed.

Our suite of tools allows you to write or import your script directly into Speakflow’s script editor. It’ll save your changes automatically. You can create any number of scripts and present them in the teleprompter with a single click.
In presentation mode, Speakflow can smoothly scroll your custom text automatically at your desired speed. It can also be set to listen to the words you’re saying and scroll along with your performance using a feature — we call ‘flow’ mode. This can be helpful for short video productions where it’s appropriate to rely on voice detection. You can even record your videos directly in your browser and we’ll organize your takes with your script.

Speakflow is an online teleprompter that works on Apple's Mac computers, Macbooks and iPhones. It works in Apple's Safari browser so there's no need to spend time downloading other teleprompter apps from the App Store. In fact, it works in any browser, and on any device, so you’ll almost always have it with you.
If you love our free features and want to take it to the next level we highly recommend you sign up for a Plus or Studio account. This will introduce a host of useful features like mirroring (for beamsplitter glass), syncing between multiple devices, overlay for video conferences, video storage, mp4 downloads, and a host of script editing tools that allow you to work as a team.

We’re always working to improve Speakflow by talking directly to users like you, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and let us know what you think.

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