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Teleprompter for Mac

Using the right teleprompter can be a game changer, find out why Teleprompt.me is a good solution for Mac users.

Using a teleprompter to record videos can help tremendously because it can help you stay on topic and deliver information efficiently. Using good online teleprompter software can make all the difference between sounding professional and sounding like a novice in your video content.

If you're looking for a free online teleprompter, then you can use our free features. You can write a script, save it, and read it using our voice features (or scroll manually). Teleprompt.me is an online teleprompter that works on Apple's Mac computers and Macbooks. It works in Apple's Safari browser so there's no need to spend time downloading other teleprompter apps from the App Store. Use our Pro features to take your video creation to the next level!

A lot of creatives use Mac computers because the software is easy to use. It's simple and works without fuss. Teleprompt.me is a teleprompter for Mac, and it fits that ethos. You can write and save scripts easily, read them with our voice features, and use it from any browser.

So, if you're looking for a teleprompter for Mac, look no further. Create an account today and get started for free! No credit cards required.