Remote teleprompter, explained

Using our Remote Mode feature to sync devices can be a game changer for your workflow

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When creating content using a teleprompter, you may find yourself in a situation in which you want to read the script from one device but control that device from another one.

For example: You have your tablet mounted in a physical teleprompter that's across the room. If you want to restart the script or adjust settings, you can use Remote Mode to sync the tablet with a nearby laptop.

Then, you can use your laptop, which is closer, to control the tablet. If you change a setting on the laptop, it'll reflect that change on the tablet. If you start, it'll start it. And if you stop, it'll stop. You can do all this without having to walk across the room.

Another example: You're giving a live speech and want to use a teleprompter. You can use remote mode to enable you to read from one device, and a teleprompter operator (or your supportive friend), can scroll the text as you read. They could control it from their phone or any internet-connected device.

Speakflow's Remote Mode gives you the flexibility to present your way — you can sync 2 devices... or 20. From your bedroom, office, or across states.

You can learn more about using Remote Mode here:

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