10 Ideas for your Next Youtube Video

Need ideas for your next Youtube video? Try one of these.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes

Growing an audience is an important part of launching and maintaining online businesses and brands. However, deciding what to create content about can sometimes be challenging and online creators are expected to regularly post and share content. So, we've compiled a list of TEN ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. How-To/Explainer
Making an explainer video of an interesting or challenging topic is a good way to offer value to your audience. Even a how-to video on simpler topics for beginners in your field/industry is a good way to kickstart your audience growth and develop loyal fans.

2. Workflow
If you work in a creative or knowledge-based industry, try creating a video that explains an aspect of your work process. For example, a video editor could create a video detailing how they import clips, sync audio, and cut scenes together. If you offer quality tips, this is a great way to position yourself as a pro/expert in your field.

3. Product Review
Modern, savvy shoppers always hunt for reviews before purchasing products. Recording a review of a product you own not only helps shoppers but is an easy way to create content with a long shelf-life. Reviews of popular products such as phones and laptops tend to perform well and offer value to your audience.

4. Vlog
Being authentic and transparent is a key part of developing a trusting relationship with anyone – especially your audience. A vlog is a good way to give your audience a peek into who you are and your brand.

5. Home/Office Tour
If you have a home/office space that you are particularly proud of, record a tour of the space. Highlight how and why it works for you, and give tips for how your audience could incorporate elements of your space into theirs.

6. Q&A
This one is pretty straightforward. Collect questions from your audience and record the answers. If you are still developing an audience, create a list of questions that you think your potential audience would be interested in knowing answers to.

7. Challenges
Challenge videos are interesting because it's a good way to explore something new, while also giving your audience insight into your journey – similar to a blog. You and your audience can grow together. Challenges could be diet-based, work-based, habits, etc.
For example, "Meditating daily for 30 days", "Journaling for 30 days", "Switching to X app for 30 days", etc.

8. Commentary
Comment on industry news and products. Sharing your unique perspective is a great way to connect with your audience.

9. Interview
A great way to provide value to your audience is to interview an industry expert, colleague, or peer. By recording a discussion with a knowledgeable individual, you and your audience are able to grow and learn together. And interviews make for great, evergreen content. You can split it into clips and recycle content on your social media.

10. Tips
Offer tips and tricks to your audience that will help them work quicker, smarter, or (preferably) both. This could be a "talking head" video or a screen recording or a mix of both.

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