Controlling Your Teleprompter Tablet with Your Smartphone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Improve your setup by controlling your tablet teleprompter with your phone.

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This guide will show you how to connect two devices, turning your tablet (such as an iPad) into a teleprompter and your phone into a remote control. 

With just a few steps, you'll be ready to record, keeping your presentation flowing smoothly with just the swipe of a finger. Let's get started:

Initial Setup

  1. Ensure both your tablet and phone are connected to the internet. Speakflow works on any modern device with a web browser, wifi connection, and microphone.
  2. Be sure your mic & video permissions are configured on each device.
  3. Navigate to on your tablet and sign into your account. Do the same on your phone. 

Step 1: Set Up Your Tablet 

e.g. Galaxy Tab / iPad / Pixel Tablet / etc

After signing in, select the script you want to present. Your tablet will act as your teleprompter, displaying the text you'll be reading or referring to during your presentation.

It's helpful to disable any auto-sleep or auto-lock modes on your tablet. Also, lock the screen orientation of the tablet.

Step 2: Set Up Your Phone 

e.g. iPhone / Samsung Galaxy / etc

Open the same script on your phone. Speakflow will automatically recognize that the script is open on two devices under the same account and sync them.

The device you you interact with will be designated as the "Primary" device (as indicated by the blue dot in the top right corner).

The width of the script, and other settings, will automatically sync on both screens. 

Controlling the Tablet

Primary Device

The "Primary" device (in this case your phone) will control the scrolling and other teleprompter features on your tablet. You can start and stop scrolling, adjust the speed, and even flip the script if necessary, all from your phone.

Flip the text horizontally

If you are using your tablet with teleprompter hardware, you'll need to flip the text on the tablet screen. You can flip the text on the tablet, from your phone by opening by opening the settings (click the "Gear" icon):
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Next, click: "Flip" then "Remote Screens"
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Also, lock the device's screen orientation (Android instructions / iPad instructions)


  • Manual: Manual is a great option if you want to have full control of how the teleprompter scrolls. As you scroll on your phone, the teleprompter will also scroll in sync.
  • Auto: This scrolls the teleprompter at a set pace (0-10)
  • Flow: Scroll with the presenter's voice. 

Navigating the script

To navigate to different parts in the script, STOP the teleprompter. Then scroll — the tablet will follow as you scroll on your phone. It may also be helpful to set up bookmarks.


Using our Bookmarks feature is a quick way to navigate through your script.



Whether you prefer manual scrolling, auto-paced, or voice scrolling with "Flow" mode, this setup empowers you to deliver speeches and record videos with confidence and ease.

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