What is a teleprompter?

Teleprompters are an essential tool for broadcasters and content creators. They are also used in live events such as speeches and presentations.

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Basically, it's just scrolling text on a screen.

A teleprompter is a device that displays text on a screen in front of a speaker or presenter. The text is scrolled so the speaker can read it while delivering a speech or presentation. The person looking at the teleprompter can see the text of the script or speech, but the audience cannot.

Teleprompters are often used by news anchors, public speakers, and actors. They can be helpful in delivering a prepared speech, or used as an outline for an ad-libbed speech. They can be very helpful for speakers who get nervous or who have trouble memorizing their speeches. And using one allows speakers and presents to maintain eye contact with the audience while speaking in a natural and conversational manner. 

Teleprompters help you speak in a natural and conversational manner. 

How does a teleprompter work

There are two main types of teleprompters: those that use a physical screen, and those that use a virtual screen. Physical screen teleprompters are more common, and they typically consist of a transparent screen placed between the speaker and the camera. The text is projected onto the screen from below, so it appears reversed to the speaker. This is not a problem, because the text is also reversed on the camera, so it appears normal to the presenter.

Virtual screen teleprompters use a small LCD screen that is placed just below the camera lens. The text appears on the screen normally, so the speaker does not need to reverse it. If you want to learn more,read our in-depth article about how teleprompters work.
If you are creating videos and want to sound like a pro, use a teleprompter. 

How to read a teleprompter

If you are creating videos and want to sound like a pro, use a teleprompter. But, be sure to practice first. It's easy to look robotic or stiff when using a teleprompter. Here are tips to look natural when using a teleprompter:

1. Look at the camera, not the teleprompter.  

2. If possible, become familiar with the script before reading it. 

3. Speak in a conversational tone, as if you were talking to a friend.  

4. Avoid staring — blink normally. 

5. Relax your shoulders to avoid looking tense.

Check out our guide on using a teleprompter to record online video to learn more.

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