Launching teams, voice commands, and more!

A round up of some anticipated features and new updates!

Excited to announce that we've rolled out some long-awaited features today!

Voice Commands

One of the most requested features we've received is the ability to navigate within the script with your voice commands. You are now able to do so with "GO" commands. While using Flow mode to automatically scroll, you can easily jump to the next paragraph, restart, and more just by saying "Go" followed by the command. For example, "Go – Restart", will take you back to the top of your script, so you can restart takes. 

Learn more here:

Another highly requested feature was the ability to invite a team to collaborate on scripts and sync multiple devices without having to share logins. Speakflow Teams allows you to accomplish this. You can add your team, share scripts, and give them access to Pro features at no additional cost or per-seat pricing. With our new Business plan, you can add up to 10 collaborators, for a flat rate of just $49/mo or $480/year ($40 per month billed annually).

Learn more here:

Revision History

Version History lets team members keep track of "who did what". Collaborators can create and edit scripts together. Our auto-saving feature and revision history make sure that you never lose your work and can easily recall older versions. 

Comparing is easy.

Not to mention, that we've rolled out BRAND NEW docs that are updated regularly and are the best way to learn how to get the most out of Speakflow!

Feedback is welcome as we continue to iterate on these features and develop new ones. As always, feel free to shoot an email to [email protected]

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