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Introducing "Overlay"

Never lose sight of your audience – check out our latest feature!

We've been hard at work developing new features, and improving based on YOUR feedback! I wanted to let you know about a new feature called "Overlay". With Overlay, Pro users can set the background of your script to another window. Try it out! For example, if you're using Speakflow to deliver a pre-written message to your audience, you can set the video chat window as the background – this way you can always see your audience. Without having to switch windows.
We've also made updates to the "Voice" mode that will prevent "hang-ups" some users were experiencing. For Auto mode, we've made adjustments allowing you to fine-tune the speed (and it displays it). Lastly, we've enhanced our keyboard support – you can start/pause, refresh, and skip through the script with the arrows keys, learn more by clicking here Plenty more updates are on the way! Thanks so much for your continued support, please don't hesitate to reach out anytime! If you're interested in becoming a Pro supporter, click here: https://www.speakflow.com/pricing

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