Record video with an online teleprompter (Update!)

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You can now change your microphone and camera from within Speakflow itself, without having to change it through the browser settings. This is a highly requested change that we're very excited to release! 

Now, you can easily choose to switch to a Bluetooth microphone, audio interface, webcam, etc. And this also applies to cameras; those with a multi-camera set up can choose which camera to record videos with.  We've also made improvements to increase the functionality and reliability of our video feature. 

You may also notice some small design tweaks as well. 

Use Speakflow as an online teleprompter to record professional video content, share updates with your team, and record quick messages. Our community has come up with lots of ways to use Speakflow as part of their creative and professional workflow and we're excited to continue to build features to help you reach your audience and grow your business!

More to come, stay tuned!

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