Spotlight: The Teleprompter Project That Transformed a Toronto Classroom

Avondale School's Toronto Campus revolutionized student engagement and public speaking skills by integrating teleprompters into various learning activities.

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We wanted to highlight and celebrate the Toronto Campus News project, which just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. They've showed us how a teleprompter can be more than a presentation aid, but a catalyst for growth and excitement in young learners. We hope this spotlight will inspire ideas you might bring into your own vibrant classroom. This story isn't about high-tech wizardry; it's about transforming a simple tool into a cornerstone of learning and self-expression. 

The Classroom Challenge 

At the heart of this project was a challenge faced by educators worldwide: engaging students in a meaningful way while improving their public speaking and technological skills. In a classroom at Avondale School's Toronto Campus, this challenge was met with an innovative approach.

The Teleprompter Solution 

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The solution was found in the use of teleprompters, a technology we're intimately familiar with. The project, known as the Toronto Campus News (TCN), integrated teleprompters into a cross-curriculum learning initiative, aiming not only to improve students' communication skills but also to engage them in a creative and collaborative learning process.

Implementing the Teleprompter Project 

The TCN project was integrated into the school's weekly timetable. Students from Years 3-6 participated in producing a school news program, taking on various roles from script-writers and reporters to news anchors and teleprompter operators. The project required students to apply and interview for their desired roles, fostering a sense of responsibility and professionalism.

Educational Activities and Engagement 

The project involved various activities, including drafting news stories, writing scripts, and using teleprompters for on-camera presentations. A green screen was used to create a virtual newsroom, and students utilized iPads for script typing and teleprompting. This hands-on approach not only improved their technological skills but also boosted their confidence in public speaking.

Impact on Students and Learning Outcomes 

The results were remarkable. Students displayed significant improvements in engagement, communication skills, and confidence. The project also enhanced their understanding of financial literacy, as they were compensated with TCN dollars for their contributions, which they could manage and spend within the school's system. Check out the nominees for best news show of 2023.

Broader Educational Implications 

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The success of the TCN project illustrates the vast potential of teleprompters and similar technologies in educational settings. By incorporating these tools, educators can foster a more interactive and confidence-building environment, preparing students for the technological demands of the future.


This teleprompter classroom project stands as a testament to the power of innovative educational approaches. It showcases how technology can be harnessed to not only enhance learning but also build essential life skills in students. Projects like TCN pave the way for a new era of educational methodologies, where technology and creativity meet to create transformative learning experiences.


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