The best online teleprompter

A teleprompter for Zoom, videos, and more. Speakflow is a voice recognition teleprompter that follows along automatically as you read your script.

Free teleprompter for videos

Use Speakflow's free online teleprompter to create videos for Youtube, marketing content, or for virtual meetings.

In short, you can create an account, create scripts, and use our teleprompter to help you give speeches, record video content, and more.

With Flow mode, the page will scroll automatically using speech recognition.

It's not magic, but it kinda feels like it.


Online Teleprompter

Record quicker, publish faster.

Works On All of Your Devices

Use it on any phone, tablet, or computer. No clunky downloads.

Sync Devices

Control a tablet from a phone... or a phone from a laptop. Sync all devices with a click.


Change your font size, set colors, format text with bold and italics.

Write Without Worry

Our Editing Experience auto-saves and provides revision history for the whole team.

Record Videos

Record up to 1080p HD videos in your web browser. Share with a link.

Built for Teams

Made for production teams. Invite your team, share scripts, sync devices and more.


Sync multiple devices

Control multiple devices at once – your script and settings will sync and scroll on all devices in real time.

Virtual Teleprompter

See your audience

Video meetings? Virtual conference? Set other app windows as the background so you can always see your audience with Overlay


Your rhythm, our fluidity

Speakflow can follow along as you read so you can breeze through video takes.