Youtube Creators to Watch in 2023

Explore these rising stars shaping YouTube's creative landscape in 2023. Don't miss their inspiring content!

Vuhlandes @vuhlandes 352K+ subscribers

Vuhlandes is not just a Detroit-based documentary photographer; he's a storyteller committed to bringing Detroit's soul to the forefront through his captivating images. He provides his viewers with in-depth gear & tech reviews, interesting vlogs, and quality tutorials. He's passionate about inspiring those with similar life experiences to see life from a different perspective.

Brittney Janae @brittneyjanae 16.9k+ Subscribers

Brittney is a Filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Brittney’s YouTube channel consists of cinematic vlogs, tutorials, tech reviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at different projects. Notably, she boasts collaborations with industry luminaries including Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, and Viola Davis, among others.

Mark Bone @markbone 250k+ Subscribers 

Mark Bone is a documentary and commercial director based in Toronto, Canada. Mark was first inspired to pursue documentary filmmaking while he working as an aid during the Darfur War. His purpose online is to help people improve their films through tutorials and tech reviews. He has done work for CNN, Nike, and the NHL(National Hockey League) to name a few. 

Tyler Stalman @stalman 440K+ subscribers

Tyler is a Canadian-based photographer and filmmaker. On his YouTube channel, Tyler talks about the creative tools he uses for professional photo and video production. He posts phone reviews, and product/ gear reviews. He hosts a podcast where he also talks about all things tech. 

Emonee LaRussa @EmoneeLaRussaTutorials 40.6K subscribers

Emonee is a Motion Graphics Artist who predominantly creates music visuals. She has worked with artists like Kanye West, Lil Nas x, & Meg thee Stallion. She has a YouTube Channel where she provides animation tutorials in Photoshop and After Effects. She has a non-profit called Jumpstart Design where she aims to give accessibility to underserved communities to learn about the design field. 

Kofi Yeboah @KofiYeboah 18.4K+ Subscribers

Kofi is a  professional photographer/ filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. He creates content geared toward the fitness industry. Working alongside athletes to enhance their brand. Kofi has a Youtube channel where he provides tools and tips for freelance creators to grow their brands.

Joshua Chang @JoshuaChang 153K+ subscribers

Joshua Chang is a professional filmmaker and photographer. He has a Youtube channel where he reviews a vast variety of products but not limited to electric vehicles, iPhones, robot vacuums, and much more. He is worth watching because he is thorough and knowledgeable in this field. 

Lizzie Peirce @LizziePeirce  257k+ Subscribers

Lizzie is a business owner & content creator from Toronto, Canada. She has a Youtube channel where she provides tutorials, product reviews, and recommendations.  By providing tips and tools her goal is to inspire young creators to start their creative businesses. She is a lover of travel and pursuing your dreams. 

Paul Baldando @PaulieB 49.5K+ Subscribers

Paul is a New York-based street photographer. He is a content creator to watch because he has a series on YouTube called “Walkie Talkie”. The goal is to walk and talk around New York connecting with local and fellow creatives. He has conversations about gear and shares stories about their history with photography. 

Aileen Choi @AileenChoiPhoto 11.7K+ Subscribers

Aileen is a Canadian Based Wedding photographer.  Through her photography, she uses her passion to help people experience more of what matters most in life, relationships, and connections. Aileen has a Youtube Channel where she helps people with product photography placement and more. She is passionate about building connections and inspiring people to go after their dreams.

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