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What's the best way to use the service?

To get the best results:
1) use the app in a quiet environment
2) be close to your mic
3) have a fast internet connection (~50 Mbps or more)

Speak in a calm, clear, voice with careful pronunciation is important. As you speak, take pauses – try not string long sentences together. Speak naturally, but also give yourself (and the app) breathing room room every few sentences.

How do I set up microphone permissions?

After you sign up and make a script, you'll be able to use the teleprompter. When using the teleprompter, you will be prompted to give permission to access your web browser's microphone.

For browser specific directions, check out these help articles:

Why should I get a Pro account? Why isn't this free?

The original ran "in-browser", the server costs were cheap and we relied on Google's language processing service, which was free for Google Chrome (which is why it only worked in Google Chrome).

This new and improved version was built alongside a professional design team, runs on enterprise grade servers, and relies on language processing technology that supports a broader range of browsers and devices. This new version is a labor of love, but costs time and money to maintain. Our Pro users keep us up and running!

How can I get a discounted Pro plan?

Discounted plans will be rolling out soon. Educators and non-profit organizations can get special pricing by completing this form: Discount pricing application